Info in English

Dear friend! Wel­come to my web­site!

I am a free­lance edi­tor, trans­la­tor and author liv­ing in the Helsin­ki met­ro­pol­i­tan area.
 I write arti­cles pri­mar­i­ly for Finnish mag­a­zines and cor­po­rate com­mu­ni­ca­tions on cul­ture, the econ­o­my and soci­ety.
In addi­tion, I also trans­late Ger­man lit­er­a­ture into Finnish. I have lived for sev­er­al years in var­i­ous loca­tions around Ger­many and I have a Master’s degree with Ger­man as my major sub­ject.
 I have trans­lat­ed nov­els by authors includ­ing Jen­ny Erpen­beck, Ste­fan Moster and Alain Claude Sulz­er.
My first nov­el, Hylky (The Wreck) was pub­lished by the Avain pub­lish­ing house in 2011. The Wreck is a sto­ry about three peo­ple who live in dif­fer­ent worlds and are brought togeth­er by a wrecked ship lying at the murky sea bot­tom.
My Finnish web pages con­tain rep­re­sen­ta­tive exam­ples of my arti­cles as well as infor­ma­tion on my trans­la­tions and my own prose. I also write about sub­jects that I have found through my work and that have aroused my inter­est.
I am curi­ous by nature and I think that curios­i­ty is a pre­req­ui­site for writ­ing well. 
If you would like to hear more please get in touch.